Garima Bhat

Garima Bhat is the co-founder of Creatnet and leads the fashion business as a business development director. She manages product development, design and customer relationships with a commited team.

She has over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry in business development, international marketing. Brand promotion, product development, sourcing and merchandising. Her ability to understand the needs of customers, direct value creation and manage change brings tremendous value for Creatnet’s customers.

Prior to joining Creatnet she was developing business for an Italian Design house promoting their brand in the far-east and managing the sourcing. She has experience in and understands the fashion markets in- Denmank, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, US, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

Garima is a management graduate from the first batch of Production management from the premier, National institiute of Fashion Technology.

Pawan S Sood

Pawan is the operations director at Creatnet . He is responsible for sourcing, supplier relationship management ,supply chain management and logistics. He manages the extremely challenging sourcing needs of the demanding Niche women's wear brands of EU, US and other countries. He leads an experienced and qualified team of professionals in merchandising, textiles and quality assurance.

Pawan has a deep understanding of the apparel and textile value chains in Asia ,Europe and US. He has managed sourcing in Delhi, Mumbai, Tirupur, Chennai, Jaipur, Dhaka and Hang-Zou.

His ability in setting and managing processes that meet customer needs, building teams and handling exceptions adds tremendous value to creatnet's customers. Prior to joining Creatnet, Pawan held management positions in buying agencies, apparel manufacturing companies and a large textile company. He has experience in textile R&D, product development, quality management and sourcing.

He is textile engineer from the premier IIT Delhi and is a management graduate of the owner manager program.

Darshan Bhat

Managing Director of Creatnet Services Ltd

Darshan is the co-founder of Creatnet and brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship, innovation, learning and growth. He is also the founding director of CIAM ( and Creatnet Foundation.

He has lead three business model transformations within Creatnet and brings in a strategic perspective to its clients.

His experience spans fashion, design, education, international trade, and IT industries.

Darshan has been keenly involved in adult education for over 16 years and has designed and lead programs in his association with leading design and business schools. He actively facilitates the learning of entrepreneurs in the unique "owner manager program" run by CIAM. Darshan's research and practice of group learning is a significant contribution to adult learning.

Darshan also coaches entrepreneurs and provides strategy advice to their companies.

He contributes a major part of time to non-profit work in education, self-development and leadership development areas.

A management graduate from the first batch of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology, India), he also holds an executive masters in international trade from the Indian Institute of Foreign trade (IIFT). He has a natural inclination towards spirituality, practices meditation and mindfulness.